Stop Big Tech censorship and Big Government overreach and restore individual rights: educational, medical, and religious freedoms, freedom of speech, worship and the right to bear arms.

Create jobs and economic opportunities for the hard-working families and small businesses. Reduce tax and regulatory burdens facing small businesses. Reestablish Maine’s labor force to keep up with consumer demands.

Protect Maine lands, industries, and Mainers’ ways-of-life.

Fight for fiscal responsibility by balancing the budget. Stop taxpayer dollars from being stolen for pork and ludicrous special interest projects.

Secure our borders, stop illegal immigration, protect American citizens/cities from influx of unvetted persons, and provide resources and support to our border officers.

Support domestic law enforcement with accountability.

Fight for our veterans and military families to get them the care and support that they deserve. There is nothing free about our freedoms!

Support free-market, diversified energy solutions which protect the environment and American sovereignty.