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June 13, 2022

Momentum continues to build on the eve of Election Day

CARATUNK – Maine guide, homeschool mom, and Republican congressional candidate Liz Caruso appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, capping an intense final sprint to Election Day.

“One of the reasons you get the same answers to these questions is the same people are working on them,” said Carlson. “Congress is filled with people who are exactly the same, they’re from the same world with the same attitudes, and the parties don’t actually have that much that separates them. This year we’re seeing a bunch of candidates who are from a completely different world. One struck us as very different. Liz Caruso is running for Congress in the Second District of Maine.”

Maine’s Second District Republican primary has been called “the hottest primary in Maine,” and Caruso’s campaign has caught on fire in the final weeks of the campaign.

“We need to bring a rural Maine perspective down to DC,” said Caruso.  ‘Mainers are looking for someone who they can identify with who understands the struggles they go through on a daily basis, whether it’s filling up their gas tank, their oil tank, their children in school, medical freedom, how to choose between their livelihood and their health. They need someone who will fight for them, who will uphold their constitutional rights, and be a voice in DC that they don’t have right now.”

Caruso will be barnstorming the district on Election Day, starting in Bangor and covering a series of voting places in the final hours of the primary.



June 10, 2022

Poliquin’s DC political consultant is making direct calls to activists, spreading false personal rumors

CARATUNK —Liz Caruso, homeschool mom, Maine guide, and Republican candidate for Congress, today released the following statement in response to a series of phone calls made by Bruce Poliquin’s DC political consultant Brent Littlefield:

“It’s the height of cowardice for Bruce to refuse to debate me, but then send his minions out to spread lies about me,” said Caruso. “It’s also a clear sign of absolute panic. We are watching a grassroots uprising like we’ve never seen in Maine, and Bruce can see another Eric Cantor moment about to happen. For all of his smears, for all of his Wall Street money, Bruce cannot suppress the people of rural Maine’s hunger for change. The voters of Maine’s Second District want one of their own to represent them, and next Tuesday, that’s exactly what they’ll get.”

Poliquin’s Washington, DC consultant, Brent Littlefield, has made direct phone calls to elected officials and activists, making defamatory claims about Caruso in an effort to quell the momentum shown in recent weeks by her campaign. Littlefield has been fixated on Facebook comments on Caruso’s campaign page, and in several instances has called commenters directly to argue with them about their support for Caruso.

“Can you imagine calling people who comment on Facebook to argue with them?” continued Caruso. “Can you imagine being so lost in a DC mindset that you would smear an opponent like this, and think it would work? I have a blunt reminder for Bruce and his team: this isn’t Washington. This is Maine. Voters have had it with this kind of garbage politics, and it’s exactly this type of behavior that voters are rising up against.”

“I’m so proud of my supporters, and so excited by the immense support my campaign has received,” concluded Caruso. “This is a fight against big money, against the smears, and against the foolishness of Washington politicians. On Tuesday we will shock the world, and take a gigantic step toward bringing rural Maine values to Congress, at last.”



May 31, 2022

Former Congressman favorable with only 56% of GOP voters, slated to lose to Golden if he’s the nominee

CARATUNK – A poll recently released by AARP shows Bruce Poliquin (R- Georgetown) has worn out his welcome with Maine Republican voters. 

Poliquin favorability among GOP voters in CD2

Poliquin has spent the last 10 years running for office, losing in the majority of his campaigns. This appears to have taken a toll, and now only a narrow majority of Republicans say they approve of him. 

This is an alarming statistic. In the same poll, Democrat Congressman Jared Golden maintains 76% approval within his own party, and former Governor Paul LePage enjoys 85% support with his. Without significant support from their own parties, candidates rarely succeed in general elections.

The AARP poll shows another stunning dynamic: Bruce Poliquin is underwater with every single demographic except voters in his own party, while Golden is net-positive with every demographic, except Republicans.

These negative indicators translate into one clear conclusion: Bruce Poliquin can’t beat Jared Golden in a general election.

In the head-to-head matchup with Congressman Golden, the AARP poll shows Poliquin losing 50-43, despite the highly favorable environment for Republicans going into this election. This is the second poll in a row showing Poliquin falling short – a poll from Pan Atlantic earlier in May showed Golden beating Poliquin 45-36.

“Everywhere I go in Maine’s Second District, I hear the same thing: Rural Mainers want one of their own representing them in Washington, not more DC and Wall Street elites,” said Republican CD2 candidate Liz Caruso. “I don’t put a lot of stock in polls, but this one shows the stark reality that CD2 Republicans are ready for a change. I got into this race to bring rural Maine values to Congress, values I live –  along with CD2 voters – every day. “


Liz Caruso, candidate for Maine’s CD2, speaks in Voice of the Voter forum

May 27, 2022

Ken Graves Endorses Liz Caruso for Congress

May 27, 2022

As a Maine Christian with a Biblical worldview I find that there are few in public office today that actually understand the source of America. 

This nation was the fruit of spiritual revivals like The Great Awakening in New England, and it was public knowledge of Holy Scripture that created the culture for freedom to happen. The farther we go away from that source the less free we become. 

Liz Caruso has my endorsement because she has lived and proven herself to be one who not only understands what freedom is, she knows freedom’s SOURCE. 


March 16, 2022

Debate series will allow GOP primary voters local opportunities to talk with candidates

 CARATUNK – GOP candidate for Maine’s Second Congressional District Liz Caruso today challenged fellow candidate Bruce Poliquin to a series of 11 debates across the district, one in each county.

In a letter to Poliquin, Caruso offered to participate in the debates as a way to ensure Mainers have access to their two options in the upcoming June primary.

“Now that signatures have been turned in and the primary campaign has begun in earnest, it’s imperative that voters learn as much as they can about both of us,” said Caruso. “Republicans in this district deserve accessible, transparent, and responsive leadership, and that starts by ensuring direct access to their candidates.”

“The days of hiding behind the maneuverings of political consultants are behind us,” continued Caruso. “Voters expect to hear directly from us. We are facing unprecedented challenges as a nation, and Mainers deserve to know where we stand and how we’d act if elected.”

The Caruso campaign is reaching out to Republican leadership in each of CD2’s 11 counties to secure venues and establish a schedule for debates.

(Full letter to Poliquin below)


March 15, 2022

Hon. Bruce Poliquin

186 Ledgemere Road

Georgetown, Maine 04548

Dear Bruce,

I want to first congratulate you on qualifying for the campaign to represent Maine’s Second District in Congress. I know first-hand how challenging a task it is to travel the district and gather these signatures. Our campaign was proud to be the first on the ballot, a completely volunteer-driven process that echoed the tremendous grassroots energy I’m sure you’re sensing in our district as well.

I’m writing today to offer a full schedule of debates across the district. Now that signatures have been turned in and the primary campaign has begun in earnest, it’s imperative that voters learn as much as they can about both of us. Republicans in this district deserve accessible, transparent, and responsive leadership, and that starts by ensuring direct access to their candidates.

In order to ensure voters have a local opportunity to hear from us, I am proposing a schedule of 11 debates, one in each county in the district. I have started the process of discussing venues and dates with local Republican officials in each county, and have gotten a very positive response so far. 

In the past, these details were left to party bosses and insiders. But now, the grassroots members of the Republican Party demand a more transparent process – the days of hiding behind the maneuverings of political consultants are behind us. Voters expect to hear directly from us. We are facing unprecedented challenges as a nation, and Mainers deserve to know where we stand and how we’d act if elected.

I hope you will accept this offer, and work with my campaign to iron out the details. I am looking forward to a robust discussion with you of the most important issues of the day, and I appreciate your willingness to serve. We share a common vision of a better Maine and a better America, and I look forward to debating the key differences so voters can make an informed and confident decision in June.


Liz Caruso


March 8, 2022

CARATUNK – On Monday, small business owner and Caratunk Selectwoman Liz Caruso became the first candidate to file for the Republican nomination for Maine’s Second Congressional District. 

“This election is about the restoration of our constitutional republic, where citizens are actually represented by elected officials who honor them and who operate in integrity and truth, not corrupted aspirations for political careers,” said Liz Caruso.“Mainers are waking up to the false notion that only the wealthy and well-connected deserve a place in Congress. That’s why I’m so honored to be the first candidate in this primary to officially file with the Maine Secretary of State my candidacy for the Republican nomination for Maine’s Second Congressional District.

“All the money in the world cannot stop a movement like we’re seeing in Maine’s Second District. Maine Republicans are hungry for change, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our 100% volunteer signature drive to be first on the ballot in this primary. This campaign is not about who is the richest – it’s about who is willing to put in the hard work to get the job done to force change in Washington and get our nation back on track.

“I’m a rural Mainer, a homeschool mom, a community volunteer, a small business owner, and a patriot who has joined the ranks of so many others who are ready to fight for change. The world is waiting for us – the working-class Americans who have been quiet for far too long – to take our nation back. I will stand and fight to restore our republic back to the people, to uphold our Constitution, to fight for our freedoms and for our children’s future.”

Quick facts about Liz Caruso’s historic first-on-the-ballot signature drive:

  • Over 1,360 signatures collected (1,000 required)
  • Signatures collected from all 11 counties in CD2
  • Liz personally collected nearly half of all signatures
  • 35 volunteer collectors from across CD2 collected the rest
  • Liz qualified to the ballot first despite spending no money on paid collectors


A picture of Liz filing her candidacy with her family is below for your use.


February 16, 2022

CARATUNK – Republican Candidate for 2nd Congressional District Liz Caruso
released the following statement:
“It has become clear through recent news coverage that Americans are increasingly concerned with elected officials using their status and protected knowledge to enrich themselves through individual stock exchanges during their time of service. I firmly believe that service should never be a way for the ultra wealthy to become even richer, and that regaining public trust should be a top priority for lawmakers in Washington. As a mom, registered Maine guide and small business owner, I wholeheartedly support efforts in Washington to place a ban on Congressional stock trading.”



January 18, 2022
GOP candidate for 2nd Congressional District sends letter to fellow candidates, vows to take corridor fight to the federal level  

CARATUNK – Republican candidate for Maine’s Second Congressional district Liz Caruso today signed a pledge to take the fight against the CMP Corridor to Congress if elected, and challenged her fellow GOP candidates to do the same. “These times require leadership, and the people of Maine deserve nothing less than absolute clarity from their elected officials,” said Caruso, in a speech in front of anti-corridor activists in West Forks. “That is why I am pledging today, before some of our district’s most fierce allies, that if entrusted with your vote, I will elevate the CMP corridor issue to the federal level if necessary to honor the people of Maine’s overwhelming desire to stop the project once and for all, and we challenge my opponents in the Republican primary to make this pledge as well.”

Caruso sent a letter to GOP primary candidates Bruce Poliquin and Garret Swazey asking them to sign the following pledge:


I, _______________________ (candidate name), pledge to the people of Maine that, if elected to Congress, I will do everything in my power to support the will of the people.

I pledge to work tirelessly to stop this project through legislative remedies, collaboration with executive branch departments, and by using my prominence as a member of Congress to elevate this issue until the voters’ November 2, 2021 decision is upheld.


Candidate for Congress, ME-2

Caruso has been an outspoken opponent of the destructive CMP Corridor, and was a founding member of the opposition group that ultimately won a decisive referendum to stop the project. CMP and its allies have vowed to ignore the will of Maine voters, and continue to battle through the court system to move the project forward.

“The people of Maine deserve to know that their next representative to Congress will do everything in their power to protect our home state and to honor the will of Mainers,” continued Caruso.  ‘By signing this pledge, I am making it clear to voters that I am on their side, not on the side of the foreign energy companies who have treated our state with utter contempt.”

Caruso will announce publicly the candidates who join her in signing the pledge one week from today.

Full text of the letter below:

January 18, 2022

Dear Fellow CD2 Congressional Candidate,

I first want to congratulate you on your candidacy, and I thank you for being willing to step up during such a critical time for our district, our state, and our nation. Running for office is a daunting task that requires long hours, time away from the family, and so many other challenges, and we’re fortunate to have a slate of candidates for this Congressional election who have decided to make those sacrifices for the betterment of our country.

Whichever one of us wins this race will be faced with almost limitless challenges. The day-to-day function of government on its own is challenging, but right now we’re living in perilous times that require vision, strength of conviction, and a spine of iron to stand up to the special interests, lobbyists, and political parties that have left our nation riven. These times require leadership, and the people of Maine deserve nothing less than absolute clarity from our elected officials.

Maine has been in the midst of a full-scale assault over the last several years from a reckless multinational energy giant, Iberdrola, acting through its local subsidiary, Central Maine Power. While flaunting its monopoly status by leaving Mainers with ever increasing power bills and worst-in-the-nation customer service, CMP and its Spanish owners have spent tens of millions of dollars to force a destructive corridor through our precious Maine woods. Through a cadre of high-priced lawyers, lobbyists, and DC political attack dogs, they’ve upended our political system, violated our state constitution, and wrenched control of our state government and permitting agencies from the hands of the Maine people.

That all changed on November 2, thanks to the most powerful grassroots uprising in Maine’s recent history. More than 240,000 Mainers stormed their polling places on election day, and, by unprecedented margins, voted to stop Iberdrola and CMP’s green energy scam designed to export billions in profits to foreign stakeholders and governments..

Despite losing the election by wide margins after spending more than any referendum campaign ever has to influence the outcome of the election, CMP, Iberdrola, and their partner Hydro-Quebec have pledged to continue to push this unpopular project, against the clear will of Maine voters. Lawsuits and procedural battles continue, and these big multinational energy giants continue to declare their intention to carry out this project after losing big at the ballot box.

As the Representative to Maine’s 2nd District in the US Congress, one of us will be in the position to bring to bear the power of the federal government to help protect us from this onslaught. One of us will have the platform to speak truth to power, and to make honoring the will of Maine voters one of their first priorities.

This is why I’m asking you, my fellow candidate, to join me in signing the attached pledge to elevate the fight against the CMP Corridor to the federal level if necessary. President Biden’s Energy Secretary Granholm has voiced continued support for this deeply unpopular project, and the federal agencies of oversight have yet to suspend the permits.

The people of Maine deserve to know that each of us will do everything in our power as a United States Congressman to protect our home state and to honor our constituents. By signing this pledge, you will be making it clear to voters in Maine that you are on their side, not on the side of the foreign energy companies who have treated our state with utter contempt.

I will be announcing the candidates who have joined me in signing this pledge in one week. I look forward to your response, and expect that this will be an easy decision for all of us.

I thank you again for your willingness to join this important election, and I wish you the best of luck on the campaign trail.


Elizabeth Caruso
Candidate for Congress, ME-2

A CMP corridor opponent aims for higher office

November 17, 2021

Bangor Daily News

by Jessica Piper and Caitlin Andrews
November 16, 2021

What we’re watching today
A member of the anti-Central Maine Power hydropower corridor coalition is taking a shot at higher office. While main CMP critic Tom Saviello is still teasing the idea of taking a shot at governorship, Caratunk select board member Liz Caruso has formally jumped into the Republican primary for the 2nd Congressional District race in the hopes of taking down U.S. Rep. Jared Golden. Caratunk was one of the first towns to rescind its support of the project, with Caruso penning a letter to the Maine Public Utilities Commission in September 2018.

But the corridor does not seem to be taking center stage in Caruso’s initial campaign. Her website cites a range of usual Republican priorities, including stopping large tech companies from censoring people, the 2nd Amendment, religious and medical freedom along with economic growth. A registered Maine guide and small business owner, she looks to be positioning herself as an outsider to Washington, D.C., and highlighting her Maine connections

Any Republican challenger is going to face a tough primary against a former U.S. congressman. There is no avoiding a June confrontation with Bruce Poliquin, who raised $883,000 through the end of September in the runup to a rematch with Golden and remains the strong favorite in a primary. The 2018 race between the two was the most expensive House race in the state’s history at the time, and it is likely we will see a repeat performance in that arena as high-dollar spending campaigns seem to be the norm these days.

Poliquin has already turned away one challenger after Maine state Sen. Trey Stewart, R-Presque Isle, dropped his bid for Congress in deference to his former mentor. Oakland state Rep. Mike Perkins, a Republican, is also still in the running, setting up at least a three-way race to challenge Golden next fall.

Caruso’s candidacy could be the start of a political trend, however. The CMP corridor referendum was the most expensive in state history and among the most divisive topics in the state while inspiring a strong grassroots movement. The utility itself will possibly be the subject of another referendum next fall, this time asking if it should be bought out to create a consumer-owned entity. It is possible other activists will use their experience resisting the corridor as a launching pad into state — or even national — politics.