Meet Liz

As a 15-yr Selectboard Chair, small business owner with a Masters in Business Administration, former executive director of the local chamber of commerce, registered Maine whitewater guide, homeschool mom, and engineer, Liz Caruso is not intimidated by tough challenges or threatening adversaries, but will bring a local Mainer’s perspective to Washington, D.C.

For Liz, running for Congress is not about making a career out of politics or building her own image or personal wealth, it’s about putting a local Mainer’s perspective in Washington, D.C. to provide solutions for our communities.

Whether it’s spending her time working to defeat CMP’s corridor or teaching local high school students, Liz is a devoted advocate for us. The youngest of 5, daughter of a beloved doctor and veteran, and granddaughter of early 1900s immigrants, Liz is a passionate patriot who appreciates our constitutional freedoms and potential of the American dream. Liz lives in Caratunk with her husband, Greg, a Master Maine Guide, and is homeschooling her two teenage sons, Jeremy and Christopher, into college; the family loves Maine’s rafting, fishing, hunting, hiking and skiing.

Liz believes the restoration of our representative democracy is critical, where citizens are actually represented by elected officials who honor them and who operate in integrity and truth, not corrupted aspirations for political careers.

Her foundational ideals include educational freedom (including freedom from Critical Race Theory agenda), medical freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, protect life (preborn to elderly), stop human trafficking, and enforce election integrity to stop partisan attempts to sway election results.