June 13, 2022

Momentum continues to build on the eve of Election Day

CARATUNK – Maine guide, homeschool mom, and Republican congressional candidate Liz Caruso appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight, capping an intense final sprint to Election Day.

“One of the reasons you get the same answers to these questions is the same people are working on them,” said Carlson. “Congress is filled with people who are exactly the same, they’re from the same world with the same attitudes, and the parties don’t actually have that much that separates them. This year we’re seeing a bunch of candidates who are from a completely different world. One struck us as very different. Liz Caruso is running for Congress in the Second District of Maine.”

Maine’s Second District Republican primary has been called “the hottest primary in Maine,” and Caruso’s campaign has caught on fire in the final weeks of the campaign.

“We need to bring a rural Maine perspective down to DC,” said Caruso.  ‘Mainers are looking for someone who they can identify with who understands the struggles they go through on a daily basis, whether it’s filling up their gas tank, their oil tank, their children in school, medical freedom, how to choose between their livelihood and their health. They need someone who will fight for them, who will uphold their constitutional rights, and be a voice in DC that they don’t have right now.”

Caruso will be barnstorming the district on Election Day, starting in Bangor and covering a series of voting places in the final hours of the primary.