June 10, 2022

Poliquin’s DC political consultant is making direct calls to activists, spreading false personal rumors

CARATUNK —Liz Caruso, homeschool mom, Maine guide, and Republican candidate for Congress, today released the following statement in response to a series of phone calls made by Bruce Poliquin’s DC political consultant Brent Littlefield:

“It’s the height of cowardice for Bruce to refuse to debate me, but then send his minions out to spread lies about me,” said Caruso. “It’s also a clear sign of absolute panic. We are watching a grassroots uprising like we’ve never seen in Maine, and Bruce can see another Eric Cantor moment about to happen. For all of his smears, for all of his Wall Street money, Bruce cannot suppress the people of rural Maine’s hunger for change. The voters of Maine’s Second District want one of their own to represent them, and next Tuesday, that’s exactly what they’ll get.”

Poliquin’s Washington, DC consultant, Brent Littlefield, has made direct phone calls to elected officials and activists, making defamatory claims about Caruso in an effort to quell the momentum shown in recent weeks by her campaign. Littlefield has been fixated on Facebook comments on Caruso’s campaign page, and in several instances has called commenters directly to argue with them about their support for Caruso.

“Can you imagine calling people who comment on Facebook to argue with them?” continued Caruso. “Can you imagine being so lost in a DC mindset that you would smear an opponent like this, and think it would work? I have a blunt reminder for Bruce and his team: this isn’t Washington. This is Maine. Voters have had it with this kind of garbage politics, and it’s exactly this type of behavior that voters are rising up against.”

“I’m so proud of my supporters, and so excited by the immense support my campaign has received,” concluded Caruso. “This is a fight against big money, against the smears, and against the foolishness of Washington politicians. On Tuesday we will shock the world, and take a gigantic step toward bringing rural Maine values to Congress, at last.”