May 31, 2022

Former Congressman favorable with only 56% of GOP voters, slated to lose to Golden if he’s the nominee

CARATUNK – A poll recently released by AARP shows Bruce Poliquin (R- Georgetown) has worn out his welcome with Maine Republican voters. 

Poliquin favorability among GOP voters in CD2

Poliquin has spent the last 10 years running for office, losing in the majority of his campaigns. This appears to have taken a toll, and now only a narrow majority of Republicans say they approve of him. 

This is an alarming statistic. In the same poll, Democrat Congressman Jared Golden maintains 76% approval within his own party, and former Governor Paul LePage enjoys 85% support with his. Without significant support from their own parties, candidates rarely succeed in general elections.

The AARP poll shows another stunning dynamic: Bruce Poliquin is underwater with every single demographic except voters in his own party, while Golden is net-positive with every demographic, except Republicans.

These negative indicators translate into one clear conclusion: Bruce Poliquin can’t beat Jared Golden in a general election.

In the head-to-head matchup with Congressman Golden, the AARP poll shows Poliquin losing 50-43, despite the highly favorable environment for Republicans going into this election. This is the second poll in a row showing Poliquin falling short – a poll from Pan Atlantic earlier in May showed Golden beating Poliquin 45-36.

“Everywhere I go in Maine’s Second District, I hear the same thing: Rural Mainers want one of their own representing them in Washington, not more DC and Wall Street elites,” said Republican CD2 candidate Liz Caruso. “I don’t put a lot of stock in polls, but this one shows the stark reality that CD2 Republicans are ready for a change. I got into this race to bring rural Maine values to Congress, values I live –  along with CD2 voters – every day. “