March 8, 2022

CARATUNK – On Monday, small business owner and Caratunk Selectwoman Liz Caruso became the first candidate to file for the Republican nomination for Maine’s Second Congressional District. 

“This election is about the restoration of our constitutional republic, where citizens are actually represented by elected officials who honor them and who operate in integrity and truth, not corrupted aspirations for political careers,” said Liz Caruso.“Mainers are waking up to the false notion that only the wealthy and well-connected deserve a place in Congress. That’s why I’m so honored to be the first candidate in this primary to officially file with the Maine Secretary of State my candidacy for the Republican nomination for Maine’s Second Congressional District.

“All the money in the world cannot stop a movement like we’re seeing in Maine’s Second District. Maine Republicans are hungry for change, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our 100% volunteer signature drive to be first on the ballot in this primary. This campaign is not about who is the richest – it’s about who is willing to put in the hard work to get the job done to force change in Washington and get our nation back on track.

“I’m a rural Mainer, a homeschool mom, a community volunteer, a small business owner, and a patriot who has joined the ranks of so many others who are ready to fight for change. The world is waiting for us – the working-class Americans who have been quiet for far too long – to take our nation back. I will stand and fight to restore our republic back to the people, to uphold our Constitution, to fight for our freedoms and for our children’s future.”

Quick facts about Liz Caruso’s historic first-on-the-ballot signature drive:

  • Over 1,360 signatures collected (1,000 required)
  • Signatures collected from all 11 counties in CD2
  • Liz personally collected nearly half of all signatures
  • 35 volunteer collectors from across CD2 collected the rest
  • Liz qualified to the ballot first despite spending no money on paid collectors


A picture of Liz filing her candidacy with her family is below for your use.