From the Desk of Liz Caruso: I’m running for Congress!

November 15, 2021
Dear Friend, 

I’m emailing you today with an incredibly exciting announcement…I am running for Congress! 

I wanted you to be one of the first to know because you are someone I hope will be on my team as I start on this adventure. Before I get into why I’m running, I want to give you a brief history of how my past has led me to this decision. 

For the last 30 years I have been a Registered Maine guide. I walked away from an engineering career for a peaceful life in the Maine Outdoors.  Utilizing my MBA, I co-owned a year-round outdoor adventure company offering whitewater, snowmobiling and ATV trips, a B&B and retail outfitter shop. I was the first executive director of the local chamber of commerce.  In 2002, I married my husband, a Master Maine hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and whitewater guide, started a family, and transitioned away from business life to be a full-time mom. I’ve been homeschooling my 2 sons, now a senior and junior, and 11 years ago co-founded a homeschool co-op which meets weekly and has benefited as many as 80 students each year from over 30 rural Maine communities.  For the last 15 years, I’ve served the townspeople of Caratunk as the elected first selectman, overseeing all aspects of town government from street lights to road paving. 

It was as the Town intervenor to defeat CMP’s harmful energy corridor, and later spokesperson on behalf of the grassroots campaign, that I began representing Mainers and speaking across the state.  I have seen firsthand how our government has been usurped from We the People and into the grips of corrupt politicians with special interests, giving their ears to lobbyists instead of their constituents. Of course it is more corrupt and larger in scale in D.C.  Like you all, I have had enough. It’s time Mainers are truly represented and fought for. 

I’m running for Congress not for myself, but to echo the cry of the people….Mainers of all beliefs, across all political parties, colors, socio-economic spheres, both inland and coastal….it’s the cry for righteousness in government. We must restore our democratic republic, where citizens are actually represented by elected officials who honor them and who operate in integrity and truth, not corrupted aspirations for political careers.

Would you consider a donation to my campaign of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25 or even $10?

I believe and will fight to:
– Restore and uphold the 1787 Constitution and protect the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Mainers (The entire purpose of the Bill of Rights was to ensure that the federal government could not usurp the rights of individuals)
– Religious freedom
– Freedom of speech without fear of backlash
– Medical/Health freedom (i.e. vaccine mandates)
– Security in our right to bear arms
– Protect American history and our founding documents from alteration and subversion
– Educational freedom (including Critical Race Theory)
– Protect life (preborn to elderly); stop human trafficking; fight for Girls’ Sports and protection of women
– Enforce election integrity; stop partisan attempts to sway election results
– Stop government overreach on businesses and restore freedoms to business owners.  All businesses are “essential”
– Create jobs and economic opportunities for hard-working families and business-owners. Reestablish the labor force so businesses can keep up with consumer demands
– Support domestic law enforcement with accountability
– Fight for our veterans and military families to get them the care and support that they deserve. There is nothing free about our freedoms!
– Improve healthcare by lowering costs and improving quality and access to care
– Support free-market, diversified energy solutions which protect the environment and American sovereignty

To learn more about my campaign, I hope you’ll watch this video and visit my website at 

I will be in touch soon with next steps but first, can I count on your support with a donation today? 

If you’d like to donate, there are a few easy and secure ways to do so…

  • Visit my website at
  • Mail a check payable to Caruso for Congress to PO Box 89, Caratunk, ME 04925
  • Email my team at [email protected] for a contribution form you can fill out to pay by credit card. 

For Maine,
Liz Caruso
Candidate, Maine Second Congressional District